Become an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant.  This is a one of a kind course that will take you deep into the Ayurvedic philosophy and science, learning in a private setting and scheduling your classes at your own convenience. Dive deep into the science and art of Ayurveda with this 20 class course.  Learn how to help others change their life using time tested techniques.

Course Curriculum:                                                                                     Course Cost  $1250


1. What is Ayurveda; philosophy 

Learn the benefits from applying Ayurvedic principles into your life.  Discover the origins of Ayurveda.  You will learn the six different systems of philosophy that Ayurveda is based on

2. Element, guna, and dosha theory

The basic structure of the universe according to Ayurveda and an introduction to the tridoshic theory.

3. Factors of living

Environmental factors, Seasonal factors, Times of day and their respective dosha, age cycles and ayurveda.

4. Prakruti (original constitution) and Vikruti (dosha imbalance)

Learn the DNA blueprint of an individual according to the doshic theory.  Learn all the characteristics of each Dosha and personality of individual.  Find out how imbalances begin, what the symptoms are and how to bring dosas back to balance

5. Subdoshas and their functions

Each dosha has 5 different functions in the body.  This section is the anatomy and physiology of Ayurveda

6. Ama (toxins) Detox procedures

Toxins are the number one cause of disease.  Learn how to identify a toxic condition.  You will learn various detox procedures and ways to clean the individual organs

7. Dhatus..Ayurveda’s tissue system

Ayurveda has a unique way of teaching the body’s tissue system.  You will have an in depth understanding of how the food turns into tissues and different imbalances and their treatment

8. Srotas..Ayurveda’s body channels

Learn about the three intake channels, three elimination channels, the seven tissue channels, and the mind channel

9. Ayurvedic nutrition ( 6 tastes )

Ayurveda is unique in that they use the six tastes to bring about perfect health.  Learn how each taste affects you and how they can help different conditions.

10. Ayurveda chikitsa ( diagnosis )

-learn to find system imbalances by observing nails, tongue, face, speech, gait, and other factors

11. Pranayama and yoga for common ailments

Learn how to use yoga and pranayama on ten of the most common diseases.  Included in this course is diet, vitamins, herbs, essential oils for each disease

12. Pulse diagnostics- learn the seven different levels of the pulse

There are seven different layers in the pulse.  Each layer reveals what is going on inside your body.  Learn this ancient form of diagnosis with a master in ayurvedic pulse taking

13. Herbology I

Learn the basics of herbology.  Culinary spices

14. Aromatherapy

Learn the basics of aromatherapy and their common uses

14. Marma Points I

Learn the energetic centers in the body that will help you unblock stagnant energy

15. Herbology II

Deeper study into individual herbs and herbal formulas.  Learn how to make salves, tinctures, decoctions, infusions, poultices, and more

16. Ayurvedic Ancient Therapies

Learn the basics of panchakarma, basti treatments, lepana, shiro treatments, and much more

17. Marma Points II

Deeper study into the marma points

18. How to do an Ayurvedic consultation

Learn how to conduct a consultation.  What to look for, Different clients, How to treat individuals and not diseases

19. Review

20. Dinacharya ( Ayurveda’s daily routine)

Dinacharya is a daily detox to keep your body in perfect health.  Learn the routine


  • Each class is 1 hour and 15 min and can be done in person or online at your own convenience
  • Take advantage of this private class and receive personalized attention
  • You will receive certificate at the end of course
  • Receive discount If you sign up with someone
  • Reduce $100 if pay course in full
  • Extensive course material
  • Hands on gurukula style program