unknown   Netra Basti Treatment    30 min                $55

Ayurveda emphasizes on various practices to help us experience life clearly by helping us to maintain healthy sensory organs.

Netra Basti is one such ayurvedic practice. It focuses on eyes and as we all know eyes are one of the most treasured senses. To understand the meaning of Netra Basti we break down the word to Netra and Basti. Netra, as we all know means eyes and Basti is a Sanskrit word which means to ‘cleanse’ or to ‘bathe’ so in all Netra Basti means to clean our eyes.

It is a treatment in which eyes are bathed or submerged in plain or medicated, warm clarified butter i.e. ghee.

Benefits Of Netra Basti:
• Helps to refresh tired, dry, itchy and teary eyes.

• Helps to improve vision.

• Enhances the beauty of eyes along with the face.

• Nourishes the optic nerve and the nervous system.

• It is a preventive therapy for those suffering from diabetes and hypertension.

• Is very beneficial for removing dark circles and wrinkles.

• Very soothing for dry and tired eyes especially for those who work on the computer.

• Helps to improve memory.

• Relieves tension throughout the body.

The way Netra Basti works on your body is amazing. The reason behind its success is that the structure of lipids in ghee resembles the structure of natural lubrication in our body especially beneficial for the optic nerve and related systems.

Not only the eyes, Netra Basti works well beyond those lids as it is closely connected to the brain. I can assure you one thing that after going through the therapy all you will say is, Wow it was a wonderful experience or I feel so calm and so on.

I am again and again stressing on a point that it is very important to relax after the treatment and this is for sure that you will become a fan of Netra Basti. If Netra Basti is done prior to any surgery it helps to heal faster.

Following are some contradictions to the procedure:

• If you have an active eye infection.
• If you recently had any eye surgery.
• If you are using any kind of medications.
• If your vision has been affected due to any kind of medical procedures such as scleral buckles.
If you have any of the above conditions then I am not sure whether the procedure will suit you or not. So it is advisable to consult an ayurvedic doctor and do proper research before undergoing the therapy.