Saturday, September 2 at 2 PM – 4 PM

Come learn about home remedies that have been proven to work throughout the ages. A few centuries ago, people relied on these remedies as there were not pharmaceuticals. These remedies are safe and effective, and most importantly produce NO side effects!

You don’t have to always run to a Doctor when something happens to you or a loved one anymore. Become your own best care taker. Learn these simple home remedies from our very own experienced natural healer, Roberto. Save time, money, and keep your body away from toxic chemicals.

You will learn to:
-alkalize the body
-relieve pain
-sleep soundly
-get rid of cough, pneumonia, bronchitis
-eliminate fibroids, cysts, tumors, gallstones
-remove ear infections
-treat burns and rashes
-treat inflammatory conditions of GI tract
-have amazing energy levels
-prevent heart attack and strokes
-regenerate your eyes

Cost: $25 in adv // $30 at the door