Panchakarma (Ayurveda’s Foremost Detoxification)


Panchakarma therapy rids the body of toxins and restores balance to the doshas. It pulls the weeds out by the roots. It is the foremost purification therapy, because it reverses the disease mechanisms which carry toxic waste products from the digestive tract into the tissues of the body. Panchakarma treatments start by self-administered oil taken internally and externally to soften and make supple the tissues of the body so that the toxins can flow freely outward. Once the toxins are loose, then through sweats and massage, they are guided out of the body.


Our program includes and is not limited to:


Colima and basti: Healing herbs that thoroughly cleanse and hydrate the colon  (included)


Shirodhara: relaxes and has a cleansing effect on the mind and nervous system   (included)


Swedhana: sweat therapy to loosen toxins                                                                       (included)


Abhyanga: Two handed massage that expels toxins out of the body                          (included)


Karna Purana: Healing of ear problems                                                                          (included)


Netra Basti: Bathing of the eyes with medicated ghee                                               (not included)


Udvartanam: Herbal powder dry scrub therapy for skin conditions                       ( 1 per week)


Lepana: Herbalized clay treatment on specified organs                                                (1 per week)


Nasya Therapy: Healing therapy for the sinuses and brain functions                          (included)


Pindi Swedhana: Warm poultice steam therapy                                                          (not included)


Marma Therapy: unblocking marma points for optimal health                                (not included)


This 5 consecutive days program lasts around 4 hours each day, so give yourself extra time and make sure you take the opportunity to completely rest for that week, so you come out of the experience completely rejuvenated.


Breakfast smoothie will be provided, so come with an empty stomach. Juices will be given throughout the day and a hearty lunch will be served.


So don’t wait and give yourself this ancient 5 day treatment that will detoxify every system in your body. We offer 5, 7, or 14 day plans..


Price: $500 per day in our facility
$600 per day outcall in the privacy of your home

Call to arrange at 786-343-7066