RATE:                                  $90

Ayurvedic Consultation is a personal, informative and effective support program designed for your healing and health maintenance. You are uniquely different from anyone else. Ayurveda recognizes 10 different Ayurvedic types. Ayurveda can be your prescription for perfect health. Over 50 different aspects of your genetics, body, mind and emotions are evaluated to determine your metabolic type.

You will learn to maximize your strengths and guard your weaknesses. At our Primary Ayurvedic Treatment Center located in Southern Florida, you will be given a list of foods, herbs, essential oils and lifestyles to emphasize. You will have informed control of your own health and wellness. Special problems that have not responded to traditional treatment are assisted. Health will become logical, easy and natural.

Initial consultations will last around an hour and a half.  At this meeting, the practitioner will collect information from the individual and find out the original constitution and current imbalances.

Dosha Points

The diagnosis test includes deep pulse reading, tongue diagnosis, ph testing and eye diagnosis. From there a plan is developed that implements profound changes in diet and lifestyle in order to bring back the individual back to harmony.

Consultations are held in in our Center (Hallandale Beach).  You can also do a consultation through phone or Skype.