What does hatha yoga really mean?
“Hatha” is a combination of two mystic letters: “ha” and “tha”. “Ha” means SURYA or the SUN. “Tha” means CHANDRA or the MOON.
“YOGA” means the union of the two.
Hatha Yoga is a means to unite the sun and the moon. The sun is PRANA- the chief vital force. It operates through the heart and performs the function of blood circulation and respiration. The moon is APANA- the vital force that performs the function of excretion and expulsion of impurities from the body.
Sun and Moon represent the polarity of energy in the human body. The interplay of these two vital forces, maintains life and all its functions. They are representatives of universal forces operating through the body of a man.
The Prana(life force) is that which regulates the movements of stars and planets, the sun and the moon; that which courses through wind, manifests itself in diverse forms of energy such as electricity, magnetism, light, heat, radio waves, and is seated in the human heart.
With the key of Hatha Yoga, unlock the infinite treasure of Prana, and fill your life with strength, courage, power, peace, and perfection. –
-Swami Jyotirmayananda