Kaphas should bring energy to everything they do.  Baths and showers should be warm with stimulating essential oils, such as citrus and cleansing herbs, such as rosemary. Kaphas do best with kundalini breathing(breath of fire), aerobics, and stimulating yoga classes.

 Morning teas should help with digestion, elimination, and sweating.  Enjoy a light breakfast with an emphasis on cleansing fruits( citrus not sweet fruits), fruit smoothies, and vegetable juices with ginger.

 It is best to avoid any heavy breakfast.  Starches or proteins should not be eaten until 10am.  Lunch time should be the largest meal, and it is important to include salads with spices.

 Work should focus on kaphas physical nature, utilizing movement, promoting communication, and in assisting others.  They take direction well and work steadily.

 It is important to have a light meal at dinner which can include salads, steamed vegetables, or soups, but not protein.  Kaphas who wish to lose weight can take juice as replacements for salads for breakfast or dinner, but should always have lunch and one other meal.

 Kaphas can choose their own time to go to sleep, as they require less sleep.  They do not need to regulate activity levels in the evenings like other body types.  Dulling activities such as excess TV or junk reading can be replaced with fine arts, theatre, and self development activities.