Pittas can start the day with a cool awakening shower or a brisk swim.  Perform an abhyanga massage using calming and grounding essential oils such as the “woods” and “flowers”. Quiet meditation with sound is very soothing.  Exercise is important to ground and release excess energy.  Team competition will support sharing and will be less ego producing than one on one competitions.

 Early teas should be cleansing and cooling.  Fruit salads or cereals are good breakfasts in moderate amounts.  Liver flushes can be substituted for breakfast as occasional cleansing regimens.

 Jobs which include management, planning, leadership, and responsibility come easily.  Pittas need to cultivate teamwork, sharing and sattvic (harmonious) communication.

 Lunch should be their largest meal.  Salads with protein is a good choice.  Replenishing yourself with water throughout the day is adviced. After work, exercising again can release the day’s stress.  A light supper composed of mild spices, salads, and steamed veggies with starch can be good.  Pittas should reduce stimulating activities at night.  Spiritual reading, a walk in the cool air, or light dancing can be good for them.  Fall asleep early so a deep sleep is ensured.