Start the day with a hot shower or bath with stimulating, warming, and energizing essential oils to remove the energy from the previous night.  Perform abhyanga (self-massage) with sesame oil after showering.  This is a good way to bless our physical form, to seal our aura, and to get grounded.

 You can do a calming meditation using a mantra or other techniques such as alternate nostril breathing and ujjayi breath.

 Exercise choices should include swimming, walking, tai chi, or yoga.  Bare foot exercises on green grass helps you get grounded to the earth.  Slow, rhythmic, calming exercise is better as they center and ground the air and ether energies.

 Breakfast with grains or proteins is important to sustain energy until lunch.  Nutritive teas with carminative herbs and small meal portions with snacks in between work better for vatas due to their irregular digestion and small stomachs.  They should keep water handy and drink regularly.

The mornings are good for planning a written agenda to give vatas a sense of structure and to counter their forgetfulness.  They should work jobs that utilize creativity, allow variety, and contain some structure.

Distractions during the day should be minimized to promote creativity.  Communication jobs are excellent because vatas love to talk and socialize.

 Planned quiet time periods are necessary to reduce stress, particularly after work and before family commitments.  Small dinners are ideal for this constitution.  Vatas need to pay attention to their evening routine more than anyone else.  Hot baths with calming oils, meditation, light spiritual reading, and soft music are ideal.  They should be in bed by 10p to ensure good sleep and adequate rest.